Supply Chain Recruitment Agencies 6 Most Common Hiring MistakesAt SDW, we have been recruiting for the shipping, freight & logistics sector now for over 18 years and in this time, we have successfully filled thousands of jobs in the sector, throughout the UK. However, we have also seen recruitment go wrong and companies making bad hires. Believe it or not, armed with a little bit of knowledge and insight, looking for the early warning signed and trusting your gut instinct can go along we to ensuring recruitment success.

At SDW, we have put together the 6 Most Common Hiring Mistakes and How to Avoid Them,

This guide also includes key, up-to-date recruitment facts and figures, a guide to choosing your recruitment partner (doesn’t have to be us) and a lot more expert advice, which we believe will prove invaluable.

Download your FREE guide by clicking here, there are no forms or pop ups to complete & and it is yours to save, print and share as you wish. Hopefully it will also go a little way to show that we know a thing or two about recruiting for the logistics sector.

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