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10 of the worst people you can work with

Unfortunately, you can’t choose your work colleagues…

No matter where you work or how long you’ve worked for, I expect you’ve come across your fair share of irritating colleagues – I know I have. Here are 10 of the worst people you can work with and believe me, they are working in shipping & logistics offices throughout the UK, and no doubt one of them is sat next to you?

  1. The slacker – They have a unique talent of doing nothing but looking like they are doing something. They are most commonly found, having a cigarette or on facebook whilst sat on the toilet – very seldom at their desk.
  2. The suck-up – Always complimenting the boss and trying to get preferential treatment over everyone else. Very good at making it seem like everything was their idea. Commonly seen taking a cup of coffee into the boss’s office, for the tenth time today.
  3. The gossiper – They seem to have knowledge of everything & everyone – whether it’s an office affair, someone is about to be sacked or an office romance – most commonly start conversations with, don’t tell anyone, but did you know or did you hear…
  4. The over sharer – They have an unstoppable urge to bring up every aspect of their private life, what they did at the weekend minute by minute and what they eat for tea last night. You really don’t give a shit, but still they tell you everything.
  5. The loose cannon – They’re unpredictable, angry and rarely seen without a red face – commonly seen screaming, shouting, swearing and waving their arms about.
  6. The micro manager – They have a constant need to interfere with every task you undertake. The micro manger will take control, and you wonder why they didn’t just do it themselves in the first place.
  7. The complainer – Always moaning, always down, always tired and over worked – there is rarely anything positive, and anything positive will be turned into a negative anyway.
  8. The over worker – Always stressed & flustered – most commonly found at work, working from home, working on holiday, working whilst asleep.
  9. The talker – They love the sound of their own voice. They have the ability to turn a 30-minute meeting or a 10 minute catch up into a whole morning or afternoon. They never really have anything good to say and always the one that seems to interrupt you.
  10. The snitch – Always trying to drop their colleagues in it. What, John is ill? I saw he posted a picture of himself in a nightclub last night dancing on tables, that must have come on quick? Don’t trust them whatever you do, they are out to drop you in it.

I am sure you have a few more you could add to the list. These people are everyone, in every office up and down the country.