5 main reasons your staff are leaving your business

Leaving a job is a big decision for any employee to make, and one they most certainly don’t take likely.

Whilst it is unrealistic to expect someone to have just one job for their whole working life, the loyalty & longevity of staff is important to any business.

So, why are employees leaving your business and how can you stop this from happening?

  1. They’ve found a better opportunity

As people progress in their careers, better opportunities will inevitably present themselves. So, you need to give employees a reason to stay in your company.

It’s important to offer your employees new opportunities to keep them engaged and challenged, plus rewarding them for their service is extremely important, albeit in the form of a bonus, pay rise or a promotion. People want to feel like they are moving up the career ladder. So, presenting them with opportunities to progress will help create a loyal workforce.

It could also reduce the likelihood of them looking for new work elsewhere.

  1. Poor working relationships

According to a recent survey, over one in ten workers said they didn’t get on with their boss. Worse still, this was a deciding factor in quitting their job.

As a result, its important that you focus on fostering good working relationships with all members of staff. You, don’t have to be best friends, especially outside of work hours, but a positive and professional relationship is vital for any business.

By creating positive relationships across the company at all levels, you can build a happier workforce and increase staff retention rates.

  1. They’re taking a career break

A recent survey found that 6.6% quit their job due to taking some time out or to go travelling. Though this isn’t necessarily something you can control as am employer, you can offer alternatives to ensure you keep your talented recruits.

For those leaving, perhaps offer a sabbatical, or even the open opportunity to return at a later should the want to.

Alternatively, you could offer flexible working. This means employees can fit their job around their families or lifestyle – things that may otherwise cause them to leave.

  1. No satisfaction from their job

Some employees leave their job because they are no longer satisfied with the role or working environment. Solving this problem starts with a culture of communication where staff can openly approach you with any problems / concerns. Plus, feel they can also raise any issues they have over other colleagues, the work environment or their day-to-day / responsibilities, so you can nip these in the bud quickly.

  1. Leaving to study

This one can be difficult to stop, but there could be ways around it. Offering new training opportunities, or allowing staff to study alongside their job, all could make a big difference. If staff can gain qualifications, whilst still earning money and you get to retain them in the business, it’s a win-win for all.

You wont always be able to stop staff from leaving, that is for sure. But, by identifying the most likely causes and following these 5 tips, you can reduce tour risk of high staff turnover.

Remember, better opportunities will always be out there so you need to make sure you give your staff a good reason to stay with you 😊.

All the best,

Steve Wyeth