Signs you need to recruit

5 Signs That It’s Time to Add to Your Team

Investing in staff can be expensive, but there can come a point when you can get a little to lean and by not investing in new staff can become even more costly, as your current team start to burn out or look for a less stressful or demanding role.

Here are my 5 signs to look out for, to help you identify when it might be the right time to start to look at recruiting.

  1. Look for signs of burnout

Getting your team to work hard is great, and what good management surely is all about. But be careful that you’re not pushing people past their limits.

If your guys keep telling you its difficult or worse still impossible to get all their work done – there is the warning sign. Of course, in freight & logistics there are peak & quiet periods, but when this is a constant, time to start paying attention.

Another tell-tell sign is that members of your team who are normally cheerful people, seem to be stressed & irritable.

If you see the signs – act, as if you don’t, your employees may leave, increasing the pressure if those who remain, which makes your staffing situation even more problematic.

  1. You’re getting involved in stuff you don’t need to

Your constantly fielding questions, approving requests, dealing with small problems & dealing with little things that are taking up your core time, which should be being spent on bigger more strategic tasks.

You may need to provide more training of support, or you may need to make a strategic management hire – albeit a supervisor or an even a team leader to report into you, with the rest of the team reporting into them. They can handle all those day-to-day issues, freeing you up to concentrate on the bigger picture.

  1. Saving money is costing you business

Your holding off hiring someone new, but you’re turning down work or being selective about the volume of work you are chasing as you know you are nearly at full capacity. In situations like this, hiring someone can empower you to capitalise on new opportunities and increase revenue / profit.

  1. Customer service is slipping

Another big sign is the increase in customer complaints, in the main about responsiveness and quality of work / errors and mistakes. Are deliveries taking longer than they should, is cargo still not cleared, are deadlines being missed?

Adding new members should address this, with emails being responded to in a timely manner & deadlines being met, resulting in happy & loyal customers.

  1. High value employees, doing low value work

You have your top guys with unique skills, being bogged down with generic admin or entry level work. You are probably paying these employees a premium, so why not let other people who are perhaps at the start of their careers join your company and take on this low value work and leave your highly skilled guys, to do what they do best.


Remember, growing your team can help you grow your business. Done right, hiring someone can not only save you money, but help you make more too!

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All the best,

Steve Wyeth