Recruiting on Social Media

Advantages of using social media when advertising a job

Over hyped, no tangible results, posted and then lost in the digital abyss… yes, yes, I get it & to some extent I do agree….

At SDW, we have been actively using social media to compliment our recruitment campaigns for some time now. If you look at what I just said – compliment. Advertising jobs on social media does not offer a silver bullet, but it can go a long way to add to the success of your recruitment campaign, albeit for just one job or for multiple hires.

So, why should you use social media to compliment your online recruitment advertising?

  1. You can reach passive candidates

Social media is a great way of tapping into a pool of experienced shipping & freight professionals who aren’t on the job boards actively looking, but may consider a change if the right opportunity came along.

  1. You can show off your company, culture & core values

Without getting all hippy on you, this is very important – especially when looking to attract the younger generation. Social media is a great place to share photos of the team, events, evenings / days out. Plus, you can demonstrate your core values, show case studies & testimonials – the list is endless.

  1. Shares & Likes

Ask your employees to like & share your posts. The chances are, they have friends working within the shipping & freight sector, most probably ex-colleagues from a previous company – so if they like and share your posts, this gets your job in front of the perfect audience, who you never know, might just be currently looking for a new role, or know someone who is.

  1. It’s FREE!

Okay, some features like sponsorship or boosting your post will cost you money, but it costs nothing to post your vacancies to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Bonus – when someone applies through social media, in most cases you can view the applicant’s profile and get a glimpse into their hobbies, interests and what kind of things they post, so you get more of a personality feel than what a typical CV would provide.

At SDW, we fully utilise social media and when using one of our advertising solutions, we’ll ensure your job gets maximum exposure across most of the leading social platforms.

If you would like any advice or wish to discuss anything recruitment related within the logistics sector, please don’t hesitate to contact either myself of one of the team – without obligation to use any of our services.

All the best,

Steve Wyeth

Director / Founder

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