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How to answer – Why do you want this job?

I would say this question comes up in around 80% of interviews, and being an odds-on favourite, you’d imagine most candidates would have a well thought out response ready, but no so.

So how do you answer the question – so tell me, why do you want this job?

I’d certainly try to avoid responses such as; I want a new challenge or because you seem like a good company to work for. The interviewer has no doubt heard these responses many times before.

So, lets strip back the question to what the interviewer is really asking – they want to know why you want this job at this particular company, and why you are here at this interview today.

Your answer needs to reassure your potential employer that you are passionate, engaged and enthusiastic to do great things for the company.

Your response should of course differ slightly for different roles at different levels, but I’s suggest for the majority of roles within the shipping & logistics industry, structure your answer around the following:

  1. Show your passion for the role & company

You can do this by discussing how the values of the company align with yours. Mention which services and products excite you the most. Give examples of recent achievements of the company that has particularly stood out to you – check out the company’s social media pages for a good insight into this.

  1. Show your ambition

Explain how you want to grow your skills and how this role will help you do this, and outline why you want to progress your career long-term with this particular company. The key is not to oversell this part, as coming across too ambitious can sometimes be seen as a negative.

So here is in example of a strong answer using the above points.

Having worked within the for a freight forwarder for almost 5 years now, the logistics industry is certainly a sector I am very passionate about and wish to develop my career further in.  I have come across your company a number of times and [company name] has always been a company I have been keen to work for.

When I read the job description, one of the things that really stood out to me is that I will get the opportunity to manage shipments from door to door, which really appeals to me as in my current role I tend to concentrate more on the UK side. I feel this role would provide me with the opportunity to become a more rounded freight forwarder and fulfil my potential.   


I hope this blog goes someway to help you answer the question, why do you want this job? SDW specialise in recruiting for the shipping, freight & logistics industry. If we can be of assistance with any aspect of advancing your career, please do not hesitate to contact one of the team for a no obligation, confidential & friendly chat on 023 8033 6633 or email

Author: Steve Wyeth, Director & Founder of SDW