Freight & Logistics Apprenticeships

Attracting Talent for the Future – Apprenticeship Guide for SMEs

Anyone within the shipping, freight forwarding or logistics industry who has tried to recruit in recent months will know there is a shortage of  good, experienced candidates.

Here at SDW Recruitment, specialising purely within the freight & logistics sector, we have certainly found it hard, and we believe the situation is only going to get worse with low unemployment levels, logistics professionals retiring and people naturally leaving the industry for one reason or another.

So, recruiting and retaining affordable staff with the right skills is a real challenge for the freight industry. Increasingly operators are choosing to hire and develop apprentices as a way of guaranteeing the long-term success of their business. The world of apprenticeships has changed radically in the past year, opening up opportunities for small and large employers, as well as young people keen to gain real world skills and experience. But it isn’t always easy to navigate the system, find out what funding is available, or where to go for advice.

You can download BIFA’s Apprenticeship Guide for SMEs by Clicking Here.

If you decide to take on an apprenticeship, you will need to ensure you review enough candidates in order to be in a position to recruit the right candidate, who will be enthusiastic, learn and build a long term career with your company. To do this, you need maximum exposure of your vacancy and our online job advertising service, starting at just £399 is perfect for generating enough applications, for you to cherry pick the best apprentices from & enroll them with your training provider of choice.