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As an employer, here are 5 question you don’t want be asked at the end of an interview

Having held many interviews over the years, I am sure you’ll agree it can be disappointing when a promising candidate has not one question to ask at the end of an interview. However, there are certainly a few questions that are worse than not asking anything at all. No matter how good the interview went, if an applicant asks any of the following questions – proceed with caution!

  1. What does your company do?

Basically, this indicates that the candidate does not deem the interview important enough to spend a few minutes on your website looking up your company & core services.

  1. How quickly can I progress and move into a more senior role?

This is a difficult one, as candidates who are keen & enthusiastic to progress their career should be seen as a positive thing right? Yes & no. It could also mean “I’m not really keen on this role, but I do want to get my foot in the door and as soon as I’m in I’ll look to move into another role asap.”

  1. How much sick pay would I get if I’m off ill?

So, they’re at the interview and they are already planning their first sick day? They may well be a very thorough person who likes to know every detail of a potential employment offer. They may have some health concerns so wish to protect their income, which is understandable – but tread carefully here and get HR legal advice before asking any specific questions that could be deemed discriminating. Basically, no candidate should be asking anything to do with sick pay or holiday pay at first interview stage.

  1. How long is lunch?

Of course, everyone is entitled to a lunch break, and now and again people pop out to the shops or even a drink on Fridays. But in the shipping & logistics industry, I’d say in 80% of companies, employees each lunch at their desk and perhaps have a 15/20-minute break, but still take calls and work through if they are exceptionally busy.

  1. How did I do?

This can be a little awkward… You don’t want to give false hope, and even if they really impressed you, it is unlikely you are in a position to provide detailed feedback there & then, or even more unlikely, make an offer on the spot.

The best question a candidate could ask here is, when they can expect to hear from you and are you holding 2nd interviews for this role?

Here are some other questions you don’t want to be asked:

Are you allowed on Facebook during work hours?

Does it matter if I don’t have any referees I could put forward?

Do you check qualifications?

Is there anything I could do to increase my chances of getting the job?

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