How to successfully recruit

Four signs of an uninterested candidate

Great news, a candidate has applied who looks absolutely perfect… So, you decide to get them in for an interview – but remember all the glitters is not gold.

I am not being negative; this candidate could turn out to be the best hire you’ve ever made. But, I’d certainly keep an eye out for the tell-tales of an uninterested candidate, who could turn out to be more trouble than they’re worth and set the whole recruitment process back a few months. Or worse still, 6 months later you find yourself back as square one.

Here are my 4 warning signs to help you figure out if the candidate is keen for your role & organisation or not…

  1. They can’t make time for you

They are looking for a new job, right? Yes, you can be flexible and unexpected things come up in life but, why does it take 3 days to return your call or reply to your emails?

They never have the time to discuss the role further, or if you arrange an interview they keep re-scheduling. Or fail to urn up at all & then say they had to work late.

You give them the choice, 8am, 1pm or 6.30pm, but none work for them. They’ll come back to you…

If they can’t make the time, then they are probably not ready to commit to a new role & employer?


  1. They are a job hopper

If they have a CV as long as your arm, with 6 months with one company, a year with another, 7 months here, 2 months there etc… This should set alarm bells of why all of them haven’t worked out. Of course, if these are temp roles, it’s different – but don’t be fooled, many candidates say oh that was a temp role and so was that, but truth be told they were perm roles but they never passed their probation period.

Either way, a track record like this doesn’t say a lot about a candidate’s ambition or probable longevity with your company.


  1. Their career goals don’t match

Your interview questions, should include a couple of questions to ascertain their motivation and career ambitions. If their goals have nothing to do with your role or even the shipping & freight sector, or you think they cannot achieve them with your company, then its probably not worth pursuing them.

If they want to be a manager in a year’s time, and there is already you, a supervisor and a team leader, plus senior forwarders who have been with the company a long time – you know they aren’t likely to stick around for long & you will most likely be used as a stepping stone.


  1. It’s only about the money

Majority of the time, a genuinely interested candidate chooses to apply for a vacancy based on the actual job and not specifically the salary. Of course, we all go to work for the money, but a candidate who is solely focussed on the money should set off alarm bells.

Not only could you be being used in order for them to leverage more money out of their existing employer by way of a counter offer. If they are mostly motivated by money, they will always be looking for that job that is paying slightly more.

How do you know? Tell-tale signs are that they bring up money in an interview and not you. They ask how often do you review salaries and base a lot of their questions around the package and not the role / responsibilities or long-term opportunities.


I this blog helps you to spot a candidate who might look ideal on paper, but will probably only cause you problems further down the line.

If you’d like any advice with regards to anything recruitment related to the freight & logistics sector, please do not hesitate to contact myself of one the team.

All the best,

Steve Wyeth