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How to get the best from your online recruitment advertising campaign

At SDW, we have specialised in online recruitment for the shipping, freight forwarding & logistics industry for over 15 years now, so without wishing to sound arrogant, we have honed our skills to ensure we get the best results from all of our online recruitment advertising, whether that is a job board advert or on social media.

Proud to be the recruitment advertising partner for many shipping, freight forwarding & transport companies throughout the UK, we are always happy to share our knowledge and insights to the industry, to cement our position as the number one recruitment provider to the shipping, freight forwarding & logistics industry.

So here are our top tips for you to get the best out of your online recruitment campaign:

  1. Use a well-known, clear job title – It is key to use a job title that a) potential, suitable applicants are searching for s they find your job and b) It is clear what the job role is, and is not overdressed. Avoid using words such as guru or head honcho, if you are recruiting for an Import Freight Forwarder – that’s the job title you should use!
  2. Create an enticing opening paragraph – You need to grab the reader’s attention and persuade them to click & read your advert. If you don’t win them over quickly, they will be onto the next role.
  3. Sell the company & opportunity – you need to write a persuasive & creative advertisement which sells your advert as a great place to work – remember it is an advert, it needs to be compelling. Brainstorm 4 or 5 reasons why someone would want to join your company. Why is better than where they are working now?
  4. SEO – optimise keywords – you can write the best advert going, but if no one sees it you are not going to get any applicants – pack it out with industry keywords such as; import, export, Customs clearance, transport planning, haulage, shipping, supply chain and so on… You need to have in your advert the keywords job seekers are searching for. As with google, the more relevance, the higher your job will appear in the results.
  5. Avoid Job Descriptions – I have not read one job spec yet that has made me feel, wow! What a great job. This is an internal document, for internal purposes.
  6. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – use at least a couple of well know job boards to ensure you get maximum exposure. We use & recommend, CV Library & indeed as these seem better suited to the transport and logistics sector.
  7. Always include a salary – you should always include a salary, as over 60% of job seekers will dismiss a role if they do not know what salary it is paying, as they assume it is being hidden because it is low, or they feel that you are hiding something. I appreciate in some instances this needs to be kept confidential, and in this instance, I would recommend using a wide salary banding.
  8. Respond to all applications – thank them, advise the unsuitable ones that their application will not be progressed and engage with the candidate’s that have the experience you are looking for early on so you don’t lose them. The way you manage the recruitment process is a reflection on your brand, as both an employer and as a company in general. Remember, one day a potential applicant could be a client.

There is a lot more insights we can offer, but we don’t want to overload you, so we will save that for another blog, another day.

If you are looking to recruit your next freight or logistics professional and do not want to use a traditional recruitment agency, but would like to outsource the whole advertising process and have access to a simple, easy to use candidate management dashboard, where you can manage all applications at a click of a button, then we have the ideal solution for you – SDW eRecruit.

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All the best,

Steve Wyeth