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Should you go to the interview, even if you don’t think you really want the job?

Going to job interviews is time consuming, stressful and can leave you feeling anxious – no one likes to feel they are being judged – in which is the main purpose of any interview – can he or she do the job? Would he or she fit into the team?

As a specialist recruiter to the shipping, freight forwarding & logistics industry, we set up many interviews on a weekly basis, and in some cases candidates can be a bit hesitant to go to interviews unless they are fully convinced that this is the perfect opportunity for them.

At SDW, we would never force any candidate to attend an interview – what is the point, it is not in our best interest, our clients best interest a certainly not in your best interest as the candidate. However, before you cancel or decline, there are certainly some benefits to attending an interview, even if you are not totally sold on the job opening – these are:

  • Practicing your interview skills – let’s face it, we all hate interviews – it is a nerve wracking experience, even for the most confident extrovert. However, without the pressure of not seeing this opportunity as your perfect dream job, it takes the pressure off. This is an ideal time to practice your interview technique & gain more interview experience.
  • You may find you actually really do want the position – I have seen this a number of times over the years. A candidate is not sold on a role or has heard bad things about the company, then goes along for the interview, and leaves feeling this is the perfect opportunity for them – great career progression, friendly team, great environment etc…
  • It’s not what you know, it’s who you know – job interviewing is also a form of networking. Say you really hit it off with the hiring manager, but the position was not right for you – who’s not to say that 6 months down the line they may have the perfect opportunity come up? Or they may leave and go to another company and they maybe calling you up saying, do you remember I interviewed you for X, I am now at Z and your certainly impressed me and I think you’d be ideal for this new role we have – interested?

These are just 3, and there are many more advantages.

So, my advice would be – go along with an open mind – you may be pleasantly surprised or reap the rewards further on down the line.

All the best,

Steve Wyeth