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How To Boost Your Employee Retention

With the ongoing skills shortage & economic uncertainty wreaking havoc across the whole freight, logistics & supply chain sector, finding talented new recruits is certainly more challenging than ever.

With this in mind, its of course in your interest to retain your employees for as long as possible (at least the good ones). Not only will poor employee retention cause you more recruitment headaches, it can also create problems with team morale, customer service and can sometimes start a mass exodus.

The key thing to remember is that your employees will naturally make friends, and will openly speak to each other about work, concerns and issues

So, how can you improve employee retention?

Pay reviews

Money is of course not everything, but most people have bills, mortgages or rent to pay, possibly a family to support. If employees feel they can get a higher salary elsewhere, you risk losing them for a better paid opportunity.

Regular one to ones

Having regular catch-ups with employees will able you to get feedback on the company, the team and how everyone is feeling. They are also very useful ‘nip it in the bud’ meetings – you can address any small issues before they grow and become much bigger, and ultimately cause you a problem albeit a letter of resignation or low morale within the team.

Engage new starters

Its essential to engage new starters the moment they walk through the door, and better still, even before they start. Statistics show that over 40% f new employees decide whether to stay in a new job within the first week of joining.

Make them feel welcome, part of the team and offer training & assistance, so they don’t feel isolated.


What can you offer that makes working for your company that bit better than the company down the road? Perhaps regular staff lunches, social events, gym discounts. Flexible working is proving very popular and helps employees address the work / life balance, especially with family needs such as childcare. Believe it or not, studies prove that employees can be much more productive and less distracted working from home, than at the office.

So, if there is frequently a knock on your door with a resignation letter in hand, its time you made some changes. Remember, just simply showing that you care about your staff & appreciate their efforts will go a long way.


All the best,

Steve Wyeth