Shipping and Freight Recruitment

Importance of staying in touch with job applicants throughout the process

With so many things on your to-do list, adding recruitment to it can sometimes seem an impossible task. So, not surprising many freight & logistics hiring managers look to take short cuts & simplify the process as much as possible.

This often means that you wait too long to get in contact with applicants, or worse still not getting in contact at all. Not only could you be missing out on your perfect candidate, you are creating a negative impression of your company as an employer, plus the applicant maybe a future customer or their father maybe a supply chain manager for a major retailer looking to change suppliers.

So here are our top tips…

Don’t underestimate a simple acknowledgement

This is one of the most common moans from job applicants. If they don’t receive a response, it’s likely that they will soon forget about your job, think they have been unsuccessful or think it has not even been read & deleted.

Even if this is a generic autoresponder, letting them know it has been received, the process and a rough timeframe of when they can expect to hear from you, whether that be good or bad news.

If a candidate has been unsuccessful, let them know. You never know they could be perfect for your organisation in the future of they may turn out to be a customer.

4 out of 5 candidates actually admit that a poor recruitment experience (lack of communication), gives them a negative view of your brand.

Speed is key

For candidates it is all about the speed. The fact they have applied, they are now committed and fully invested into finding a new role, and they want things to move quickly.

Most job seekers will expect an update or an interview request within a week. Most applicants will automatically assume they have been unsuccessful if they haven’t heard back after 5 days of making their application.

If it takes you 2 weeks to make your shortlist and invite candidates for an interview, on average 60% will ghost you and not return any emails or calls. They may have found another job in the meantime or are just despondent with the process. This means you can easily miss out on your perfect candidate, and be left with a list of only desperate Dan’s to consider.

So, remember, always keep in touch with your candidates whether they have been successful or not. If you use SDW, you can leave all communication to us and have piece of mind that we will ensure that we represent your employer brand in the best of light, at all times – whether delivering good news of bad.

I hope this blog was of interest and if you’d like any advice on anything recruitment related within the shipping, freight & logistics profession, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself of one of the team.

All the best,

Steve Wyeth