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Job Boards – Do They Still Work?

As one of the leading recruitment suppliers to the shipping, freight forwarding & supply chain sectors, we often here the phrase Job boards don’t work anymore…

It seems that everyone is very quick to bash the inefficiencies of the job board.

Poor quality applications, lack of applications, upfront costs with no guarantee of a hire, all reasons not to use them.

Yet when you look at recent research, 46% of all hires come from job boards, it would suggest that job boards are in fact working very well. So why the negativity against job boards?

Let’s face it, 5 years ago around 70% of active job seekers were turning to online platforms and job boards to find a new job, that must be around 95% now? Everyone goes online for almost everything now, don’t they?

There is no silver bullet to recruitment and I strongly believe that the key to recruitment success is adopting a multi-channel approach to recruitment marketing. And yes, advertising a job is marketing!

The main problem in my eyes, has to the quality of the advert copy that gets put onto job boards – it’s just not good enough; many are just cut and paste job descriptions, with no selling the role, telling the job seeker why this opportunity is better than the job they are currently work on?

Plus, selecting just one job board is like putting all your eggs in one basket – you need to spread the online exposure of your job. Some job boards work better in certain industries and others in certain locations.

At SDW eRecruit our online advertising solution, specifically for the shipping, freight forwarding & logistics industry ensures that you have maximum online exposure, across all of the main job boards, online platforms and social media. We even write the advert & post it for you, and give you access to you own cloud-based dashboard to review & manage all applications at a click of a button.

All this from just £399!

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