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How to keep your job search under the radar

Finding a new job can feel like a fulltime job in itself, and along with other work & personal commitments it can sometimes prove difficult to juggle everything, and spend the time you need to dedicate looking for a new role.

Most job seekers need to keep their job search a secret in the office. I know you may well have good friends who you’ve worked with for years, in which you’ve shared many a secret, but believe me – it is genuinely best practice not to tell people who you work with.

This of course minimises the chance of your manager or any colleague finding your plans to leave, but this is also beneficial to your employer as it doesn’t affect team morale or productivity, or cause other people to start to look as they are concerned about possible future change (us humans hate change, good or bad).

Looking for a job whilst in employment can be very difficult, so we’ve put together a few tips on how to keep you job search under the radar.

  1. Keep focused at work – It can be difficult not to get distracted when you are looking for a new job, but remember you are still being paid to do your current role and you should always be fair & respectful to your current employer. You don’t want to leave on bad terms & burn your bridges. We have seen many times candidates go back to previous employers at a higher level after a couple of career moves & they are very happy.
  2. Don’t use company time to search for a new job – As I’ve said, you are getting paid to do your current job, not to find yourself a new one! Unless you are being really badly treated you should still be respectful to your current employer and maintain integrity. Plus, not only is t disrespectful, you’ve got far more chance of being caught out searching at work – especially if you are using your work computer.
  3. Interview after work or take holiday, do not throw a sickie to attend interviews – We set up load of interviews on a weekly basis, so we know how tricky it can be, especially if the hiring company cannot be that flexible with their availability to see you after hours. However, calling in sick or faking a medical appointment is not a good idea – take a day or ½ a day’s holiday. If you have an interview arranged for after work, it may be a good idea to take a change of clothes with you & change. Walking through the door in the morning in your best suit, shirt & tie or dress, when you normally dress smart / casual – this can be a complete give away, especially if you are out the door at 5.31pm as well.
  4. References – Never, ever put your current employer down as a reference on your CV, unless they know you are looking and have agreed to this – i.e. redundancy situation etc… Why would you do this?

So, whether you are working with a specialist recruiter like SDW, or if you are approaching companies directly, if you follow these simple 4 steps – you should find a new job in no time, and you will be able to leave the employ of your current employer on good terms and with your integrity intact. You never know your manager could move in 6 months, and become your boss at your new employer? I’ve seen it happen 😊

All the best.


Steve Wyeth

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