Fixed Fee Recruitment

Why new recruits leave

In recent years, there has certainly been a shift if the UK labour market & this is certainly reflected across the shipping & logistics industry. Job seekers can now afford to have higher expectations than ever before, which is of course great news for candidates but not ideal for hiring companies.

With this in mind, there is now not only more pressure on companies & organisations to up their game with their candidate attraction methods, but also to ensure they are retaining their best members of staff.

The recruitment race for the best experienced candidates is certainly a tricky one, and it spans much further than just the interview process – you have to make sure all your employees are happy (not an easy task I know).

Remember, new members of staff aren’t necessarily loyal to you yet, even if they have chosen your company over one of your competitors. The majority of new recruits will decide within the first week whether a new job is right for them or not.

An unfriendly working environment is the most common reason for a new recruit to leave, so company culture is extremely important. If the other members of the workforce aren’t happy with the company, this low morale could quickly start to spread to new recruits.

Offering a good package, including training & development opportunities will help to increase retention rates. This includes fair salaries, workplace perks / benefits and career progression opportunities. A fair package and a positive, happy working environment is key to keeping both new and of course existing employees happy, motivated & loyal.

It can be particular hard sometimes in the shipping & logistics sector, as by the very nature of many of the roles, freight & transport offices can be quite pressurised environments, working to tight deadlines – which can cause colleagues to get stressed & to take it out on their fellow team members, so this needs close management. Yes, you should still have high standards and expectations, but not to the point where it effects staff morale as you will see productivity & accuracy drop, as this is when disheartened employees start to look for another role, which in turn has even more of a negative effect on the team.

If you would like to discuss anything recruitment related or would like any advice, please do not hesitate to contact one of the team at SDW, where we would be delighted to help.

All the best,

Steve Wyeth – Director & Founder of SDW.