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Our 4 top tips to help you ask for a pay rise

April is fast approaching, and for a lot of companies it is pay rise time, or not as the case maybe.

Asking for a salary increase is never easy, but it is something we are all likely to do a number of times throughout our careers.

It can be awkward, so if you are struggling to pluck the courage to ask, try following our tips below:

  1. Have a figure in mind & be realistic – before you raise the subject with your manager, think about what figure you are looking for, and believe you deserve. If you are expecting a £10K increase, you may well be disappointed.
  2. Build your case – do some research and see what the market is paying for your role, ensure you also compare a similar geographic location. If you feel you’ve gone the extra mile, tell your boss – for example, accounts you have grown, problems you have overcome, how happy your clients are, how much profit you have generated etc….
  3. Ask in the right way – always keep it professional. Don’t be demanding and don’t start saying, I work harder than John & I know he earns more money than me. Speak calmly and present your case clearly. Do not offer an ultimatum – give me a pay rise or I’m leaving! Doesn’t normally get the desire result.
  4. Timing is everything – pick the right time, ask to schedule a meeting with your manager so it is not on the office or shop floor. Try to choose a time where you have really pleased a customer or have stayed on late a few times to get things done etc… not the day you have turned up late and took 1.5 hours for lunch!

We hope this helps and you get the extra money you deserve!

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