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How what you post on social media can affect your career

I’ve decided to write another brief blog this week on social media, as after a meeting with a freight forwarder last week, I’ve seen first-hand that what you post on social media can seriously affect your career prospects.

In the past we’ve put together blogs on social media and job seekers, as it is now common practice for hiring managers to research applicants on Facebook and other sites prior to deciding if they will invite them for an interview. However, when considering an internal promotion, it seems that what you post on social media can also heavily influence the decision of your manager.

The company in question felt they had the ideal candidate internally for a team leader role that was coming up, but when the directors checked out their employees Facebook page, they were shocked with their interaction with their friends, online arguments and some of the images, which they felt was not the look they wanted for their team leader, who would be responsible for a number of key accounts & leading a small team.

Yes, I agree there is an argument for what you do out of work in your own time is your business, and if you clearly have the ability & behave professional in working hours, then this should not affect your promotion prospects, but let’s face it, it does & always will.

Managers are looking for someone who is professional, will not poorly represent the company, be loyal to their job & interact with clients with the utmost respectability. They are also looking for leaders, who can calmly manage different personalities and get the best from people. A displayed lack of professionalism on your social media posts can taint your professionalism with your current employer, especially larger companies where your manager may not know you personally as well as in a small, open planned office.

Gone are the days of employers just checking your LinkedIn profile – they are on your facebook, twitter & Instagram, looking at what you are commenting on, pictures you are posting and your general outlook to work & life.

Hiring managers like to promote employees with positive attitudes, who build rapport and can motivate others. So, if you are constantly posting negative, nasty or rude comments or photos on your social media profiles, you are sending a message to others that you may not have the best attitude or outlook on life.

So, my advice would be, ensure you have all your privacy settings fully activated, so no one who isn’t friends with your or in your network can see what you are posting, and if you are friends with your manager, then I’d suggest, think before you post – will this affect your job / promotion prospects.

Have  a good week! 😊

All the best,

Steve Wyeth