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The recruitment sector is evolving & about time! At SDW, we’re ahead of the game

Let’s dive straight in – the recruitment agency business model is completely dysfunctional & it has been for many years.

Clients think they get a better service because they get agencies to compete. Working on speed and not quality. This why we regularly see other agencies sending CVs to our clients without even speaking to candidates first.

We can’t truly partner or consult with our clients as we only fill 1 in 5 jobs, that’s 20% – which is the UK recruitment industry average, so whether we are talking Brook Street, Hays & Michael Page or more small specialist agencies. So basically, we get paid for working Monday and we then work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday for free! Crazy isn’t it.

The industry needs to change the way it works, and we need to change the way we work – what did Charles Darwin say, adapt or die.

We need to work more like accountants, solicitors or even like you guys, freight forwarders, transport companies, importers & exporters. Let’s take your typical freight forwarder – an importer may ask 3 or 4 freight companies for a quotation, but once a forwarder gets the commitment to manage the shipment on their customers behalf, they do not have to compete with the other 3 freight forwarders to be first to get that container to the UK, Customs cleared and delivered to the RDC to win the race and get paid. With the other 3 not getting paid a bean, but still of put the same amount of work in, if not more.

So, apart from recruitment, what other profession do you know that would deal with customers on such a flimsy premise? Who else would invest the time & resources that we recruiters do on the small off chance that we might get paid a fee?

The permanent recruitment business model is screwed. Not only do we suffer, you as the customer suffer too – on low quality recruitment processes, poor customer service and if we do successfully place a candidate with you, we will charge you thousands of pounds for the privilege of doing so, to compensate for the 80% of roles we’ve worked on, that we haven’t been paid for!

You are in fact paying for the time we have spent recruiting for your competition, who didn’t end up taking anyone on (or at least not through us).

There is another serious repercussion & that is that in the race to beat the other agencies & bringing in as many roles to work on as possible to fill the 20% (that’s why you get 5+ cold calls a day from recruiters, in the hope that someone will give them a job that they probably won’t fill) – the candidates suffer! Their applications never get acknowledged, they never receive an update – even if it’s a call just to say there is no news, that is still news to the candidate. Not to mention obtaining constructive feedback and passing this on. Some candidates don’t even get told they didn’t get the job – I could go on…. Your recruiter is representing your employer brand. This your reputation as a company – is this acceptable.

Here at SDW, we are not claiming to be perfect, but we always try to keep the communication lines open with all of our candidates. We will always return calls & reply to emails – that is just common courtesy isn’t it?

So, what is the answer?

Well, let’s look at how job seekers look for jobs. Over 90% of people hired for a job in the UK last year made some form of pro-active online job search prior to starting their new job.

Let me let you into a secret the recruitment industry has been trying to keep for some time. Most recruitment agencies, consultancies, head-hunters, specialists, talent magnets or whatever they wish to call themselves, claim that the majority of their candidates come from referrals or from their network – bullshit!

80% of all successful placements in the UK comes from online job advertising – in the main job boards.

At SDW, we are experts in all aspects of online job advertising – we’ve been doing it since & CV Library first launched back in 2000 as the first employment websites in the UK. We know what works & what doesn’t. We know how to persuade job seekers to hit the apply button. We know how to get jobs in front of the right people at the right time. We have the buying power and established relationships with the major job boards and media companies.

Bring this together with our understanding of the Logistics & Supply Chain industry. Our core values of openness, honesty & transparency, plus the fact we like to pick up the phone to talk to clients and candidates and ideally meet them over a coffee – as we strongly believe that technology can never replace the human element needed to ensure a successful hire & nor should it. Recruitment is a people business after all and I believe personalised service is key to the growth and future success of SDW.

And now blend all of this in with the latest cloud based technology that we have designed, so we can provide all of our clients with a simple online platform to review and manage all applications at a click of a button.

You have the future of recruitment… you have SDW eRecruit!

One of our competitors the other day quite arrogantly said that there is no future in our new model – charging either £399 to £799 for each vacancy. He said, we charge around 18% and our average fee is around £5,000!

So, I countered with, but for every 2 roles you successfully fill, you work on another 8 roles that you won’t fill for free! Not only the financial implication of this, but the job satisfaction and resentment this must cause your recruiters. And then I went on to say – so you are charging your clients who you have successfully placed a candidate with for all the work you have done for the other companies and didn’t get paid for?

Would you not prefer to get paid £399 or £750 for every job you work on?

He went quiet and I could the cogs turning…. He then went off back to his office, to kindly work on them 8 roles for free no doubt and to raise an invoice to his loyal, longstanding client for over £5K.

You can read all about or online recruitment advertising solutions on our website

It is our mission at SDW to transform the way the shipping, freight & logistics industry recruits, making the hiring process fair, affordable & transparent. No big commissions. Just a fair fee for the work we do, so we make money from happy customers & that recruitment is no longer a grudge purchase. And guess what – those happy customers will come back again, and again, won’t you?

All the best,

Steve Wyeth

Director & Founder

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