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Recruitment – Simple but not easy!

There is a difference between simple and easy, but sometimes people get the two confused.

I had a conversation with a hiring manager early this week who said, why would be use a recruitment company – recruitment is not rocket science and we are going to recruit ourselves. I of course wished the guy the best of luck and offered to assist if they did struggle, or if he needed any advice he could call one of the team and tap into our expertise, of course at no cost – in which I think he felt he wouldn’t need to. Like he said, it’s not rocket science!

In my view, easy means you can achieve the desired objective without any hard work, or without too much mental or physical strain involved.

Simple means you can complete the task in question by following a few basic principles… but mastering then principles are likely to involve time, effort, training, drawing on experience and mental and/or physical strain.

Usually if something is easy, it can also be considered simple too… But just because something is simple… doesn’t mean it is easy.

Recruitment is far from easy as I am sure most of you reading this will fully appreciate. If it was you would not use companies like SDW, and like the gentleman mentioned at the start you would recruit yourself.

But don’t get me wrong, I agree, it is simple (in theory that is).

To maximise your chances of a successful hiring campaign you need to: Identify your hiring requirement and ensure it is realistic in the local market. Choose your advertising platforms wisely to attract this type of person, put together a compelling advert to really sell your opportunity and ensure that they hit the apply button. Communicate with the applicants at every stage, keep the momentum going to the candidate does not lose interest in the process. Shortlist, interview, maybe interview again & address any concerns from either side. Make an offer, sell the opportunity again, negotiate, confirm offer, keep in contact all the way up until the applicants first day and they are sat at their desk in your office – and then there is onboarding, induction, training but hey…. It’s easy.

Add the important human elements of recruitment, such as compassion, empathy, trust, genuiness & persuasion which all needs to be in the mix to ensure everything comes together. There is one thing getting to offer stage, but then the candidate has to accept & when they do, not accept a counter offer from their current employer.

Far from easy, is it?

However, should you wish to choose a recruitment partner who specialises in providing recruitment solutions for the shipping, freight forwarding & logistics industry, who have built the company over the last 15 years on the opposite of all what is not quite right within the industry and without all the BS, then please contact either myself or one of the team here at SDW on 023 8033 6633 or email – Easy.


All the best,

Steve Wyeth