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SDW – Top of Google for Jobs

We all new it was coming – after a successful role out in the US, Google for Jobs has hit the UK shores today (Tuesday 17th July 2018).

Instead of trawling through various different websites, job boards & online platforms on a Google results page, now when you type in a Job Search string into Google – such as Shipping Jobs Southampton – Google for Jobs lists relevant jobs at the very top of the page.

In true Google style, they only aim to show you the most relevant job postings for your search.

It is a well-known fact that most job seekers start their online job search in Google, and Google for Jobs has been designed to speed up the job search experience of today’s job seeker.

In today’s skills shortage and candidate driven market, it is vital that if you are going to stand any chance of recruiting success, your job vacancy is listed fairly high on Google, if not the very top!

At SDW, we have been fully aware that Google for Jobs has been coming for some time now, and we have invested heavily in both the backend of our website & job listing function, along with ensuring that the job boards we partner with, will give us a strong presence on Google for Jobs.

For our eRecruit customers who use SDW for their online recruitment advertising requirements, you can see from the below screenshot, that we can showcase your job high in the results, plus under your own employer brand, which increases the application rate as job seekers straight away, know who the job is with they are applying to.

Supply Chain Recruitment Agencies SDW – Top of Google for Jobs


If you type in Shipping Jobs Southampton directly into Google – out of 1,400,000 results, SDW appears 1st, 2nd & 3rd, so this will have a dramatic effect in the number of applications, ensuring your vacancy gets maximum exposure. See below.

Supply Chain Recruitment Agencies SDW – Top of Google for Jobs


If you type in Shipping Jobs Felixstowe directly into Google, out of 70,000 results and not including a paid for advert (Adwords) by Total Jobs, SDW are pleased to be able to boast the top slot – see below.

Supply Chain Recruitment Agencies SDW – Top of Google for Jobs


The recruitment landscape is dramatically changing, with the future being much more about bringing together the latest innovative technology, combined with sophisticated online marketing and with a strong emphasis on the human element of recruitment – bringing people together. This being empathy, trust, compassion, influence through consultation & sharing expertise and knowledge.

Ultimately, providing successful outcomes for both the hiring company & the job seeker.

At SDW, we embrace the latest technology and will always look to add value from new innovative solutions as technology continues to advance. But at the end of the day, people will always trust people more than a machine & let’s face it, recruitment is a people business, always has been and always will be.

So, when you next look to recruit, please do give us a call on 023 8033 6633 / 01394 330003 or drop us an email to or visit our website to find out more on how we can provide you with a recruitment solution.

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All the best

Steve Wyeth