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So, what if online recruitment advertising fails?

Unfortunately, recruitment is not an exact science, far from it in fact. Recruitment by its very nature has a lot of moving parts & can be very easily influenced by various factors, many out of our control.

Sometimes the recruitment gods are just not aligned…

If you use our eRecruit online recruitment advertising solutions, we’ll certainly take ownership & be accountable. We’re here to help and to ultimately do everything we can to ensure that you successfully recruit.

So, lets look at the possible reasons of why your online recruitment campaign might not have worked.

  1. You have not chosen the right mix of online job boards

Ensure you fish where the fish are. That’s why we use the majority of the leading job boards & platforms, maximising the exposure of your vacancy, ensuring it is seen by the right people you want to attract (apply).

  1. You are not being realistic

The perfect person might not exist? It is a very tight, candidate driven market – so you may need to drop some of the must haves and make them nice to haves. A well coined phrase I always like to use is to hire on personality and train the skill.

  1. Review your job advert

Is it compelling? Is it selling your company & the opportunity? Would you apply? Certainly, don’t lie or exaggerate the role, career prospects or benefits, but you need to sell the role and why it is a good opportunity and all that is good about working for your company.

Download our guide on how to write the perfect job advert by clicking here

  1. Salary

Are you really paying enough to attract the level & calibre of candidates you want? As mentioned it is certainly a candidate driven market, which has bumped up salaries in the last year. Research what your competitors are paying for a similar role.

  1. Don’t give up!

If you are realistic in the type of person you are looking for, paying the going rate. You have a compelling job advert and you are advertising it across the leading recruitment channels / job boards, then sit tight – the next applicant could be the one and well worth the wait.

Of course, if you use any of our online recruitment advertising solutions, we’ll be there every step of the way to offer advice and to ensure that your recruitment campaign is a success.

If you would like any information on any of our recruitment services, including our online job advertising solutions, starting from just £199 – please do not hesitate to get in touch with either myself or one of the team.

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