ow to stand out in any stage of your career

How to stand out in any stage of your career

Whether you are currently working with a large team and looking to push ahead, or you are applying for new career roles internally or externally, trying to set yourself apart from others can be difficult. Here are some tips help ensure your hard work and talent get noticed:

  1. Stand out from the crowd – Firstly your need to understand the business and how your role can make an impact on the organization. Work this one out and you should certainly start getting recognised by your employer. Secondly, combine hard work with productivity – anyone can work 12 hours a day, but if it is not productive work then it will not go a long way. However, if you can demonstrate purpose and achieve clear results in your work, it will show your employer that you are fully committed to the business and go above & beyond.
  2. Communication is key – You need to have open dialogue & talk regularly with your boss, and this doesn’t mean just sharing the good stuff. Share the bad, that needs their attention or a quick resolution to ensure it is nipped in the bud and doesn’t escalate. Keeping your boss informed, about the good & bad will ensure you get noticed, and will certainly help in your success.
  3. Find a mentor – Is there someone in the business who you could learn a lot from? Someone who has been with the company for a number of years whose contribution to the business is well recognised. You can use them as your trusted advisor, and they should be well positioned to offer invaluable advice on a number of work related subjects.
  4. Discuss your career path – Ensure you have regular conversations about your personal development – this is key in moving up the career ladder. You should aim to discuss your career path in review meetings, asking what else you can take on and learn to increase your chances of a promotion when one next arises.
  5. Continuous learning – Always keep yourself up-to-date with new technology within your sector, new competitors, new ways of doing things etc… Sign yourself up to any relevant courses and read valuable subject matter. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed person is king!

I hope this helps, and remember the team at SDW are always on hand to offer any career advice we can.

All the best,

Steve Wyeth

Director & Founder of SDW