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Tailor made heavy container weighing solution at Felixstowe

The UK’s Port of Felixstowe has invested in a heavy-duty container weighing system to help speed up shipping operations and keep abreast of the competition in Europe.

Its new Griffith Elder weighbridge provides shippers with a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) for special cargo services handling break bulk consolidation and heavy lifting services.

Although the responsibility for container weighing rests with the shipper, there have been serious concerns regarding the mis-declaration of container weights over the last few years internationally.

It is because of this concern together with the legal obligation on all ports to not to load any laden export container that does not have a VGM, that the port decided to offer its own solution.

Abnormally sized cargo cannot be weighed using the weighing devices fitted to the gantry cranes as it is generally loaded and secured onto flat rack containers. Griffith Elder could not install a traditional full-size weighbridge either above ground due to space and ramp issues, nor below ground, due to the amount of excavations needed in an area that had many existing underground services. So, it installed a customised heavy duty multi-axle weighbridge capable of weighing multiple highly concentrated loads safely up to 150 tonnes.

The operation is totally automatic and data is transmitted wirelessly to the Ton-Tel Transport Management Software which produces weighbridge tickets automatically. Ton-Tel also allows for vehicle tare weights to be assigned to the correct vehicle and then to complete a ticket with gross, tare and net weights.

Any computer on the network is able to run the software to view the weighbridge tickets in ‘real time’ and run reports. It is also possible to integrate with the client’s data directly with access provided to the weighbridge database.

Source: Multimodal / Port Strategy