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Top tips to get the best out of recruiting online

SDW eRecruit provides specialist online recruitment advertising solutions to the shipping, freight forwarding & logistics industry. So, no one knows more about advertising jobs online & maximising response than us, so I wanted to share some of our top tips with you, should you look to try and recruit directly using many of the online platforms and channels available to you.

Our tips are:

  1. Always include a salary banding – This is a must, as jobs without a salary showing, on average receive 60% less applications, than the same job with a clear salary stated. Candidates want to know if your job will at least match, if not exceed their current salary.
  2. Use the Job Title people would search for – Job boards work the same way as search engines, so use a job title that people will actually search for and your job will come up towards the top of the listings. For example, use Import Freight Forwarder instead of Import Specialist. You may think this sounds more appealing, but that’s no good if no one sees it.
  3. Sell your company & the opportunity – You need to write a persuasive, creative job advert that sells your company as a fantastic place to work.
  4. Optimise SEO keywords – Job boards use SEO to ensure job adverts that are relevant appear higher on the listings / results – so exactly the same as google and other search engines work. So, when a candidate searches for a certain word, or phrase – you need to ensure that you have that word or phrase fairly early on in your advert and ideally a couple of times.
  5. Do not copy and paste the job spec – If you were creating an advert for a tasty Cornish pasty to appeal to potential customers, you would just list all the ingredients would you? People will soon be put off by all the internal jargon etc… and formal duties.
  6. Respond to all applicants – The way you recruit and respond to applications is a reflection on your company. Remember a potential applicant could one day be a client. Even if its bad news, let them know.
  7. Maximise exposure – To maximise exposure and response you need to post your job across multiple channels, including job boards, aggregators (such as Indeed) and across social media. You know then, all the applications you have received are a true reflection of the talent that is available to you.

So hopefully some good advice to help your job advertising to get off to a flying start and to give you every opportunity to make a successful hire. Some areas can be a little complex, and many hiring managers struggle with writing a quality, attractive advert – this is where our expertise comes in. We’ve been writing adverts for the shipping, freight forwarding & logistics industry for over 15 years, so we know what works. Plus, we have relationships with all the leading job boards such as, CV Library & indeed, so we can ensure you receive maximum exposure.

We are not a recruitment agency, and we do not charge commission – our eRecruit service is just £750.

To find out more, call one of our friendly team on 023 8033 6633 or email

All the best,

Steve Wyeth