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Ultra-large MOL Triumph container ship docked in Southampton yesterday

The biggest ship to dock in the UK arrived in Southampton yesterday, and has been a hot topic in the local news & across social media.

The 400m-long MOL Triumph is the first of a new type of ultra-large container vessel to enter service this year. Its operators claim it is more fuel efficient than previous carriers.

Built by Samsung in South Korea, the ship will run between Chinese and European ports. It can hold the equivalent of 20,170 containers.

The ship is the first of MOL’s fleet of six 20,000 TEU-class vessels. It is on its first trip to northern Europe since entering service earlier in 2017

Some quick facts on the MOL Triumph

  • Built by Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea and launched in March 2017
  • Capacity equivalent to 20,170 20-ft containers (TEU)
  • Length: 400m; Width: 58.8m; Depth 32.8m
  • About 20 crew on board

It arrived in Southampton at about 14:00 yesterday (Thursday 11th May) and will remain in the port until Sunday before heading to Hamburg and its return journey to Asia.

The even larger 20,568 TEU Munich Maersk is due to call at the port later this year. The size of a container ship is defined in terms of its load capacity.

Chris Lewis, managing director of Southampton port operators DP World told the BBC: “It is an honour to be hosting one of the world’s largest container ships as it arrives in Northern Europe for the first time.”

A round trip between European and Asian ports takes about 90 days. All with just a handful of crew – there are only about 20 people on board.

Steve Wyeth, Director of SDW commented “It’s always great when an event like this happens in Southampton, it brings all the shipping geeks out, in which I’m certainly one”. Steve continued “It’s crazy, going back 15 or even just 10 years, we all thought the container vessels were huge then, but these new generation of ultra large ships are just something else”.

A great occasion for everyone in Southampton, especially those who work within the shipping, freight forwarding or supply chain industries.