Why you should advertise your jobs over Christmas & New Year

Most people believe that December is a terrible time to start the recruitment process and to advertise jobs, and I can understand whey you may think this. Certainly, the beginning of December sees a dramatic fall off in job applications, with job seekers looking forward more to the Christmas festivities than going online and conducting job searches.

However, if we look a little deeper, I believe Christmas could be the perfect time to start a recruitment campaign. The reasons I say this are:


December is a prime time for us to reflect on the year gone by. Have we achieved our goals, what changes do we want to make, how can we improve our prospects etc… The feeling of needing to change will result in job site visits.

Getting ahead of the competition

As we hit Christmas week & start to enjoy some well-deserved time off, there is a lot more opportunity for us to browse job sites for suitable roles. The job boards report that the busiest time of the year for job applications is between the 21st December and 15th January, so why are we ruling December out?

So, if you start your recruitment campaign in December, you are likely to have the pick of the crop of candidates who are keen to start a new job in the New Year. Your competition hasn’t even started to advertise their roles yet, so you can hold interviews and make an offer, before their job has even hit the web.

Social Media

At SDW, we always advertise our client’s roles across social media, and December is certainly a month where we have more free time, so most of us will more regularly open up that blue F app on our phone, and in between all them pictures of turkey dinners and presents, will appear that exciting new job, so social media job advertising is certainly a must at this time of year.

So, despite what you might have been told, December is an excellent time to advertise your jobs, so what are you waiting for? If you are looking to hire this December, we have an offer on our Recruit Direct advertising package, where we will advertise your job across all the leading job boards and provide you with your own cloud-based candidate dashboard, all for £99 (normally £199).

Contact one of our account managers today on 023 8033 6633 or email info@sdwrecruitment.co.uk

Have a great Christmas, enjoy your time off and I’ll see you on the other side.

All the best,

Steve Wyeth