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Write Better Job Adverts!

Having recently launched SDW eRecruit, our new online advertising service to the shipping, freight & logistics industry, we are having many conversations around one of the key aspects of our service, writing compelling & attractive Job adverts that gets applications, from the candidates you want to apply & subtly repels the ones you don’t.

We’ve had owners of freight companies say “well how hard is it to write a Job Advert”. One Hiring Manager I spoke to responded with, “We do our own recruitment and we’ve currently got an advert running on LinkedIn”. Have you had much response I asked, “we’ve had 2 applicants so far and neither suitable”.

So, I checked out the advert & it read:

Freight Clerk required to join a busy office in Felixstowe.

Completion of import & export Customs clearances on Net Freight

That was it! Firstly, no wonder no one applied & secondly, what a complete waste of money. To be blunt, my eight-year-old daughter would make a better job.

Then there was another company hiring directly on, and he admitted he was struggling for applications, so I offered to take a look at his advert.

Well 15 minutes later I was still reading it! He had copied and pasted the whole Job Spec he has been given by HR, listing every last function, reportee and internal jargon going. I actually understood more about the job when I first clicked on it, than after I had read it all – plus my head started to hurt!

The clue here is in the name Job Advertisement.

This is not where you write what you want from a new hire. Job Specifications have their place, but as an internal document.

When you write your advert, you need to think like a marketer. You must create a Job Advert that stands out & cuts though the noise. You need to create a Job Ad that is aspirational, that candidates want to apply for. Why is your opportunity better than the job they are currently in? Plus create a sense of urgency so they hit the apply button there and then, not go away and think about and never get around to it.

So, remember you are advertising a life style change, a better place, a better work / life balance, more security for the applicant and their family, more money, better career advancement opportunities, so possibly a better house in the future, a better lifestyle or a better holiday destination next year?

So, when writing your next Job Advert, ask yourself:

Why would my ideal candidate want this job?

What can I offer the ideal candidate in exchange for their time & hard work (note – it is not all about ££££)?

How can I get this across in my Job Advert?

Keep it simple, easy to read & attractive – but don’t go over the top and make it sound too good to be true, as you know how the saying goes….

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I hope this helps, and if I or any of the team can be of assistance with anything recruitment related, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All the best,

Steve Wyeth