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How to write clickable Job Advert Titles

You’ve decided to recruit yourself, and have read through our guide on how to write the perfect advert and put together an advert you are proud of, and if you were looking for a job, you’d apply to – but if no one clicks through, no one will see your advert or apply.

As with most things in life, the pareto 80/20 law is widely quoted, meaning that 80% of job seekers will read your Job Title on the search results, either in google, on job boards or LinkedIn etc… but only 20% will click through and read your content. So, you can see why a good advert title is so important.

Plus, with so many job adverts being published every single day, you need to try to make your job advert standout and maximise every opportunity to reach and engage your audience.

So, when thinking of your job title, try to think of a title that will entice and inspire them to click your advert. I know what you are thinking and I agree, the shipping & freight industry does not have the most exciting job titles or have the scope to allow us to be too creative.

So, with this in mind, I would say the key here is to make sure that the job title is one that is easily found by search engines, and ideally is an exact match to what your audience is searching for.

Accuracy is key – don’t just write a job title that is untrue or too quirky just to stand out – this will only backfire and can alienate potential applicants. So, if it is a sales role, clearly state it is a sales role, don’t dress it up as marketing etc… Never use titles that include Ninja, Guru or Jedi – these may work to attract coding geniuses for Google, but doesn’t really fit well to the shipping industry.

I know when I first started working in the freight industry for Allport Freight as it was back then, now of course Allport Cargo Services – I was employed as an Import Clerk and so was pretty much everyone else in the industry.

What does it mean to be a Clerk? Well the definition is

The definition of a clerk is a person who works in an office doing duties such as filing, organizing, mailing, etc. or a person who works at a sales counter. An example of a clerk is a secretary. An example of a clerk is a person working at a hotel lobby desk, post office or bank.

It was good enough for me back in the 90’s, but let’s face it, no one aspires to be a clerk, so no one is searching for clerk jobs in Google or on the job boards – it all sounds a little dated, so don’t use it.

Here are some tweaks you can make to job titles within our sector:

Change Import Entry Clerk to Customs Clearance Co-ordinator

Export Clerk to Deep Sea Export Freight Forwarder

Instead of Supply Chain Manager, which will get lost in between the other 900 jobs for a Supply Chain Manager, try using Head of Supply Chain and to be even more specific, state the industry you specialise in, so for example; Head of Supply Chain – Aerospace.

So, job titles matter. They’re the first point of contact between a potential job applicant and the job you are trying to fill, so you need to make sure you get them right.  Use some of the above advice and you’ll find you will have more success with your job ads!

All the best,

Steve Wyeth

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