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How do you write the perfect job advert & attract the right candidates?

So, you have a vacancy. You’ve decided to advertise the role directly, either online using Job Boards or your own website, LinkedIn or even in print (do people still do that?) – or maybe a combination of all 4. So, what do you do next….

We’ll if you are like 80% of employers, you will spend 10 minutes putting together a couple of lines outlining the basics of the role, or arguably worse still, you copy and paste a mumbo jumbo job specification that your dear HR Dept. have put together for you, full of internal jargon that doesn’t even make sense to you & you’ve worked for the company for 10 years!

So, what should you do, I hear you ask?

You should either get the help of a professional recruiter who offer advertising solutions, like SDW (others are available, but they are not as good as us). Or if you have the time & creative ability, you spend a minimum of an hour crafting a compelling, professional & fully optimised job advert, with a clear call to action that stands out against any similar jobs that your competitors are running.

Here is how

Firstly, a key factor to appreciate is that 9 in 10 job seekers are searching for a job using a mobile device, so they are not sat in front of their 19-inch desktop screens. So, your advert needs to be succinct, snappy & to the point. The job seeker will quickly scan the advert and decide if this is potentially something for them or not.

Gone are the days of 100’s of suitable candidates out there all with shipping, freight & logistics experience queuing up to work for a company just like yours.

Reality check! We are in the worst candidate short market I have seen and I don’t see things improving anytime soon. To be honest, I think the candidate / skills shortage in our industry will only intensify. So, you are fighting for every applicant (who has the experience you require, and ideally resides close to you & not the other side of the world). Prepare for a battle!

So, what do you need to remember?

  1. The purpose of any job advert is to encourage the right candidates to apply for your vacancy, and remember you are competing with all the other freight, logistics & supply chain companies looking to hire.
  2. The BEST job adverts, will ALWAYS, attract the BEST candidates.
  3. Your sole aim is to sell your vacancy and position your company as a great place to work.

So how do I do that?

Remember the old marketing acronym AIDA, well it works & gets results better than any other sales strategy.

A – Attention – you need to attract the right candidate(s) and grab their attention.

I – Interest – keep their focus, how do they fit in (people like to belong), the importance of the role        to the company, a brief overview of the role.

D – Desire – convince candidates that they want your job.

A – Action – persuade candidates to actually apply for the job.

Other key factors to consider

  1. Choose the Job Title carefully – this is a candidate’s first visual interaction with your vacancy & it will ultimately determine if they will read it. Keep it clear, descriptive & concise.
  2. Include salary & benefits – a vacancy receives on average 30% more applications when a salary is stated, so why wouldn’t you include a salary or salary range stating depending on experience.
  3. Visualise your ideal candidate and tailor your advert to attract that individual.
  4. They’ve reached the end of your advert, great – but don’t let them slip away now! Create a sense of urgency and have a clear call to action.

Well that’s my overview. There is so much more I could write on the subject, but I will leave that for another time….

SDW Recruitment have been writing successful recruitment adverts for the shipping, logistics & supply chain industry for over 15 years now, so we know what works and most importantly what doesn’t.

At SDW, we offer a full advertising service called eRecruit. We will craft an appealing, professional advert & post it on all the leading Job Boards for you, all for £399. Plus, we offer our SDW guarantee – if you do not fill your role within 28 days, we will keep advertising your role at no extra charge until you do.

Using our advertising service, your job advert will be seen by candidates actively looking for a new job within the shipping, logistics, freight forwarding & supply chain industry. We will promote your vacancy across all social media & we will also email regular job alerts to our internal database of over 6500 logistics professionals, ensuring maximum exposure.

For more information, please visit or email or call me or one of the team on 023 8033 6633

All the best,

Steve Wyeth