As our digital recruitment advertising platform is unique, we often get asked what the difference is from using a traditional recruitment agency, well here are a few for starters:

Agency – You don’t own or control communication to candidates (even the ones generated by your own job advert). Recruitment Agents want the flexibility to sell the best candidates they come across, to the highest bidder, offering & pitching them multiple roles across competing companies in order to maximise their chance of receiving a fee.

At SDW eRecruit – We represent you, the employer and not the applicants we attract. This means the candidates are yours. You own their CVs / details fully, and we ensure that all cloud-based storage is GDPR compliant, and you have the applicants permission to hold all of their data. This means you are in complete control of all communications to them. You can build relationships (a talent pool) for all future recruitment needs, plus upload CVs from other sources, direct to your dashboard.

Agency – They minimise the amount of time spent on your job vacancy so they can work on multiple roles. If you have negotiated a low commission fee percentage, you will often not see the best candidates at all.

At SDW eRecruit – We take your upfront fee of £399 (total cost – no more to pay) and invest it across as many online sourcing channels as possible, including the leading job boards & social media. Creating maximum exposure, we ensure you draw all the relevant candidates into your hiring process. It is in our interest to ensure your recruitment campaigns generate as many quality & relevant candidates as possible, so you use SDW again & again, every time you recruit across your business.

Agency – Recruitment Agencies work on behalf of candidates as much as they do the employer (their paying customer) so are likely to negotiate harder for higher salaries or extra benefits. Recruitment Agencies also charge additional hiring fees every time you hire a candidate. For example hire 3 candidates, even from the same campaign / job brief, you’ll pay 3X the fees!

At SDW eRecruit – we have no incentive whatsoever to drive up wages. Your advertising fee with us is fixed and is based on promoting your role, not calculated on candidate’s salaries. With SDW eRecruit you can hire multiple candidates from a single recruitment campaign, without having to pay more. With our cloud-based dashboard, you can collect and retain all CVs, so you can go back, make contact and hire them for future roles – all for free!

Agency – Recruitment Agencies will pitch other job roles to candidates they have submitted, regardless of where they are in your hiring process. They will also call your hires in a few months or perhaps a few year’s time, pitching new roles with your competitors. This increases your staff turnover and of course your recruitment costs.

At SDW eRecruit – We will never poach candidates from you and sell them to other clients. Our process is designed so that once they apply, every candidate you generate is retained by you and is not pitched other similar vacancies.

See how much you can save on recruitment by using us:

Example of a typical agency fee (some charge a lot more)

£26,000 @ 16% = £4160

Our fixed fee recruitment advertising fee is just £399, that’s it, no hidden or additional charges unless you want extra services like shortlisting. You keep all applicants and can make multiple hires at no extra cost.

That is a saving of almost 90%, yes 90%!!

With no commitments or contracts, just use us as & when you need to.

Plus, if you are short on time and don’t want to go through every application – for a limited time, for an extra £199 (normally £349), your dedicated account manager can login and screen all applications against your criteria, highlighting all strong potential candidates, saving you hours looking at irrelevant CVs – so you can concentrate on running your business.

For more information email one of our account managers at or call 023 8033 6633 to find out how we can help you