As part of our commitment to our clients, we want to ensure that you stay fully up-to-date with the typical salary levels that the industry is paying.

This ensures that you have set the bar right to attract & secure the best employees to your business, and that you structure your salary & package in line with, and ideally above your competitors.

The below snapshot has been taken from roles we are working on or have recently worked on / filled in the 3 Months. We have broken down the different locations, as salary levels can differ slightly in different geographical locations.

Last updated: December 2019

Hampshire – Shipping & Freight

Import Customs Co-ordinator    £26K
Import Freight Forwarder           £23K
Customs Co-ordinator                 £26K
Transport Planner                        £31K
Multimodal Forwarder                £29K
Global Freight Planner                £28K
Ships Agent                                    £24K
General Manager                          £55K

Hampshire – Supply Chain

Supply Chain Director                  £64K

Shipping Clerk                                £22K

Supply Chain Analyst                    £23K

Purchasing Assistant                     £19K

Shipping Manager                          £42K

Stock Controller                              £19K

Felixstowe & Ipswich – Shipping

Import Forwarder                      £25K
Customs Coordinator                £24K
Customs Entry Clerk                 £26K
Sales Manager                            £42K
Transport Planner                     £27K
Shipping Co-ordinator             £24K

Essex – Shipping & Freight

Import Freight Forwarder          £24K

Export Road Clerk                        £24K

Customs Entry Coordinator       £26K

Import CS Co-ordinator              £25K

European Groupage Operator   £26K

Trainee Ships Agent                     £18K

London Heathrow

AOG Coordinator                       £27K

Freight Operations Clerk          £28K

Air Freight Supervisor              £35K

Sales Executive                           £43K

Pricing Analyst                           £29K

Other Areas

Sea Freight Coordinator     £26K
Export Customs Specialist £28K
Customs Clerk                      £25K
Ships Agent                           £23K
Import Operator                  £24K
Customs Coordinator          £27K

Supply Chain Recruitment Agencies Salary Snapshot

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