As part of our commitment to our clients & candidates, we want to ensure that you stay fully up-to-date with the typical salary levels that the industry is paying.

For our clients, this ensures that you have set the bar right to attract & secure the best employees to your business, and that you structure your salary & package in line with, and ideally above your competitors.

For shipping & logistics professionals working within the industry, this helps you gauge where you remuneration fits in line with the rest of the industry and as you progress your career forward, what you can expect / aim to earn.

The below snapshot has been taken from roles we are working on or have recently worked on / filled in the 3 Months. We have broken down the different locations, as salary levels can differ slightly in different geographical locations.

Last updated: September 2019

Hampshire – Shipping & Freight

Import Customs Co-ordinator    £26K
Import Freight Forwarder           £23K
Customs Co-ordinator                 £26K
Transport Planner                        £31K
Multimodal Forwarder                £29K
Global Freight Planner                £28K
Ships Agent                                    £24K
General Manager                          £55K

Hampshire – Supply Chain

Supply Chain Director                  £64K

Shipping Clerk                                £22K

Supply Chain Analyst                    £23K

Purchasing Assistant                     £19K

Shipping Manager                          £42K

Stock Controller                              £19K

Felixstowe & Ipswich – Shipping

Import Forwarder                      £25K
Customs Coordinator                £24K
Customs Entry Clerk                 £26K
Sales Manager                            £42K
Transport Planner                     £27K
Shipping Co-ordinator             £24K

Essex – Shipping & Freight

Import Freight Forwarder          £24K

Export Road Clerk                        £24K

Customs Entry Coordinator       £26K

Import CS Co-ordinator              £25K

European Groupage Operator   £26K

Trainee Ships Agent                     £18K

London Heathrow

AOG Coordinator                       £27K

Freight Operations Clerk          £28K

Air Freight Supervisor              £35K

Sales Executive                           £43K

Pricing Analyst                           £29K

Other Areas

Sea Freight Coordinator     £26K
Export Customs Specialist £28K
Customs Clerk                      £25K
Ships Agent                           £23K
Import Operator                  £24K
Customs Coordinator          £27K

Supply Chain Recruitment Agencies Salary Snapshot

Whether you are a hiring company or a professional working within the freight, shipping, logistics or supply chain sector – if you would like any advice or insights into current salaries or the recruitment market as a whole, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

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