Our recruitment toolkit is ideal for smaller companies who do not have an HR function and do not have any standard documents or policies in place when it comes to recruitment & HR.

At SDW, we will regularly add more templates & tools that we feel would be beneficial to hiring managers within the logistics sector. Feel free to use them as you wish, all we need to point out is that all fact sheets & templates below, are intended only as a guide & for information only and they are not to be regarded as a substitute for legal consultation with an employment solicitor of similar.

Please ensure that you do not send out any documents using our logo and that you cut and paste any contents you wish to utilise on your own headed paper – thank you.


Contract of Employment Template

Offer Letter Template

Reference Request Template

Undertaking to Repay Costs Incurred during External Training Courses

Other useful HR / employment templates

Dealing with Poor Work Performance due to Lack of Capability

Disciplinary Hearings & Appeals – Fair Procedure

Letter Confirming what has been Agreed following Informal Discussion of Minor Misconduct

Notification of Disciplinary Hearing

Written Warning Template

Maternity Leave & Pay Fact sheet

Redundancy Fact Sheet

First Redundancy Consultation Letter

Second Redundancy Consultation Letter

Restrictive Covenants and Confidentiality