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Having worked in recruitment for over 16 years, specialising in the shipping & logistics industry, we have successfully recruited for thousands of logistical roles throughout the UK.

The key component of making any recruitment campaign a success is sourcing the right candidates in which to shortlist & interview from. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But if it is so obvious, surely common sense would ensure that the advertising process is fundamental to any recruitment campaign – attracting the right candidates!

You’d of thought… but time & time again we see poorly written adverts written on company websites, job boards, social media & all over the internet. It’s not just employers who are guilty of this – some of the worst I’ve seen have been poorly written adverts by recruitment agencies, whom just by going on sheer volume of adverts they write on a weekly basis, should be better job marketers & copy writers – especially as they are working on behalf of their clients, trying to attract the very best candidates.

So, what is the main purpose of a Job Advert?

  1. To communicate & sell the opportunity to potential applicants
  2. To outline key tasks & responsibilities without sounding like a job description
  3. To make the grass look greener (without bending the truth) – why is this opportunity better than the job they currently have?
  4. To subtly repel unsuitable candidates who do not have the experience you require
  5. Ultimately, to get suitable candidates to apply for the job

Many employers I speak to, who have decided to try & recruit for themselves, (you can’t blame them for trying), target their advert at potential applicants who are actively looking for another job.

So, what’s wrong with that I hear you say? Okay, of course you want suitable & experienced applicants who are currently looking for a new role to apply – these candidates are spending a lot of time scrolling through the job boards & the internet, so you’ve got a fair chance of them finding your advert & getting their attention.

BUT… 75% of all potential applicants are in work right now – working for one of your competitors. Within this 75%, you are most certainly going to find the best calibre candidates.

The 75% are currently working, so very time poor – so if they are searching online, they are only doing this either at lunchtime or early evening, most likely whilst they’re eating their tea after a bad day at the office.

With this in mind, you firstly need to ensure that you advert is fully optimised and appears towards the top of the listings, if not – the very top. The potential applicant needs to click the job title and then you need to quickly address the applicants subconscious question of – what is in it for me?

You need to hit their emotional buttons & influence them into applying for your job. Job seekers have become job shoppers!

Remember – the main goal is get them to click the apply button and turn them into an applicant!

So, you hear recruiters, employers, friends & colleagues saying how job adverts & job boards don’t work anymore. But is it any wonder they receive a poor response? The quality is crap.

Also, don’t be fooled by the recruitment agencies who always tell their clients that advertising on job boards just doesn’t work. The ones that go on and tell you about how they tap into their vast network & get many candidates from referrals. In most cases (with exception of CEO level roles) this is utter bullshit! Statistics show that 80% of all successful placements in the UK comes from job boards – fact.

I bet you thought writing a job advert was easy, didn’t you?

Please feel free to download our comprehensive guide to writing the perfect advert that will generate over 5 times more applications (from the right candidates). There is no forms to fill in, opt ins, clever tracking systems or anything like that just Click Here and the guide will be yours to, save & use as you wish. You can also watch our video below, covering our top tips on recruiting online, to maximise your chances of a successful hire:

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All the best.


Steve Wyeth

Director & Founder of SDW